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Sgt M (Taff) Anthony
Head Coach
ABAE Level 4 Advanced Coach

Sgt Anthony

Cpl L Rogers
Assistant Coach
ABAE Level 2 Club Coach

Cpl Rogers

LCpl D Kelly
Assistant Coach
ABAE Level 2 Club Coach

LCpl Kelly

SSgt J Browring
Asst Coach
ABAE Level 2 Club Coach


CSBA Championships.

This year the Army Boxing Team (ABT) won the Combined Services Boxing Association (CSBA) Championships for a record 29 times consecutively, winning 12 of the 13 bouts on offer, something that has never been achieved in the history of the competition. The ABT has held the CSBA trophy since 1983 and the plan is to never relinquish it ever again. However, with the Navy (our biggest rivals) getting stronger and stronger each season, it will be very difficult, but achievable with the continued support the individual Regiments/Battalions give by the release of personnel from their Unit to the ABT.

Scotland Training Camp

Scotland Training Camp
Army boxers enjoy elite training camp. The team visited the old school facilities in various Boxing Clubs in Scotland, and had a chance to train and spar with Scotland’s best boxers ahead of the CSBA and Senior ABA(E) Championships 2012.

The experience of sparring with future Olympians, World Championship medallists and European medallists was immensely beneficial to all boxers as they prepared for the CSBA and ABA(E) Championships.

The Army boxers experienced such a professional, elite athlete training environment and all boxers and coaches thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, with some positive feedback from the ABS coaches. Training alongside the Army & Scotland Boxers were professional boxers training ahead of their upcoming professional bouts..























Shows that really stand out this season are as follows:

CSBA Championships – Won 12 out of 13 bouts.
Army v Scotland – 22 SAS – Won 5 out of 7 bouts.
Army v Navy – SBS – Won 5 out of 6 bouts.
Army v North West – Barrow – Won 4 out of 4 bouts

Army Team Report

Army Boxing Team Roll Of Honour


Combined Services Champions from 1983 – 2012 (29 Years Consecutively)


Combined Services Senior Team 2012:

Pte Williams A – 2 Royal Welsh
LCpl Khan S – 27 Regt RLC
Spr Whitfield A – 26 Engr Regt
Cpl Allen J – 11 Trg Btn REME
Spr Touze K - 101 Engr Regt
Pte Stead M – 13 Regt RLC
Pte Allen D – 3 Para
Spr Leigh T – 26 Engr Regt
Spr Sadler S – 23 Engr Regt
LCpl Pontone J – 1 CS Guards
Cpl Heywood K – 4 Rifles
Rfn Izonriti E – 4 Rifles
Bdr Taukeinikoro J – 14 Regt RA

International’s currently on the ABT:

Cpl James Allen (England & GB).
LCpl Martin Stead (England & GB).
Rfn Emmanuel Izonritei (Nigeria & England).
Spr Adam Whitfield (England)
Pte Ashley Williams (Wales).
Pte Danny Allen (England).
Gnr Jimmy Randall (England).
Spr Shane Sadler (England).
LCpl Allana Murphy (Ireland)


This year saw Pte Ashley Williams of the Army Boxing Team make a big break in his boxing career earning a place in the Welsh Amateur Boxing Team and representing them in 2 major tournaments. Firstly was the Tammer Tournament in Finland where he achieved a Silver medal, narrowly beaten by Team GBs Jack Bateson in the final, a decision that repeated itself weeks later when Pte Williams reached the Final of the GB Championships and again earning himself a silver medal.

Pte Ashley Williams

Pte Williams over the last 2 year has gone from strength to strength. His performance on the Army team has been outstanding and after becoming the Bantamweight ABAE Novice Class B Champion in 2011 he moved on to become the WABA Light Flyweight Champion and CSBA Light Fly-Weight Champion in 2012.


Charity Events and Funds Raised

Throughout the season the ABT has been involved in numerous charity events around Britain. There are too many shows to mention but the following are just a selected few:

Army V Scotland – Hereford 22 SAS
Army V Navy – Grosvenor, London SBS
Army V London – Park Lane, London
Army v Tyne,Tees & Wear – ITC Catterick

The above and more shows throughout the season have raised well in excess of £750,000 for various charities.

Aim of the Season

The aim of this season as always was to win the Combined Services Boxing Association Championships.

To get as many boxers through to the Amateur Boxing Association of England, Scotland and Wales Championships.

To progress individuals onto boxing for their respective country.

To continue to support current national boxers gaining more experience on the International scene.

To change the training by concentrating on advancing individual skill and fitness.

Future Plans

Below is a brief outlook to the 2012/2013 season; however our aim will stay the same; to win the CSBA Championships for a record 30 years running and to progress individual boxers further in their boxing career (Gaining National Vests, Compete in ABA Elite Competition and Competing in Commonwealth Games)

Future Plans


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