2 Lancs winners of the 2012 Inter Unit Championships

Army Boxing Association Secretary Annual Report 2012

1. The Army Boxing Association has had another exceptionally busy year. The development of Army Boxing is continuing to progress throughout

2. The Association Secretary has assumed the role of the Combined Services Secretary and will remain in post indefinitely.

Registration and Administration

3. A number of changes to the administrative procedures of boxing in the Army have been implemented this season some more successfully than others;

a. Move to ME3 Medical Cards
b. Out sourcing registration of boxers
c. Certificates of Assurance
d. www.britisharmyboxing.com

ME3 Medical Cards

4. In line with the request from the Amateur Boxing Association of England for the CSBA to move away from the use of the FBoxing 162, all 2011/12 season renewals should have been done using ABAE ME3 Medical Cards, this was the case in all but a few cases and this was only due to the ABAE Head Office not being able to keep up with the demand of the Army BA requirements.

Registration of Boxers / Coaches / Officials

5. To date the Army BA has completed the following registrations;

Service only boxers – 1801
Novice A 1790 with 1556 new registrations
Novice B 11
Open/ Inter 6

The registration of Army Boxers (service only) was outsourced at £1 paid for each registration (with tax and NI this amounted to £1.67 per registration).

ABAE Registrations –
Boxers 197

Total Boxer Registrations for 2012 - 1998

Service Only Coaches – 258

Level 1 198
Level 2 60

ABAE Coach 24

Total Coaches registered 282

Coaches qualified

Level 1 372

Level 2 88

Total 460

Service Only Officials 193

ABAE Officials 32

Total Officials registered 125

Throughout the season the Army BA failed to register 1 boxer in time for a bout and that was due to extremely short notice given (1day).

Certificates of Assurance for Boxing Events

The Army BA implemented the requirement for all boxing events to assured by the Army BA by completing annex E of the Army Boxing Aide Memoire, to date this has not happened in all cases in fact it amounts to approximately one third of the tournaments and matches.

Matches involving Civilians.

Authority to box in any boxing that in anyway involves civilians must be sought by the Army BA Secretary such cases include;

Military v Civilian opposition on Military property
Military v Civilian opposition on Civilian property
Military v Military opposition on Civilian property
Civilian v Civilian opposition on Military property


The Army BA now has an outward facing website that provides information and news about boxing in the Army and about Army Boxers. The hit rates for an Army Boxing website has increased from on average 300 hits per month on ArmyNet to 30,000 a month worldwide.

ABAE Rule Changes

Rule changes in regards to the following areas were implemented by AIBA.

Officials Dress
Swiss Timing Electronic Scoring
Medical Suspensions

The failure of the ABAE to act decisively to either endorse or reject the rule changes proposed by AIBA has created confusion and has meant that the Army BA has not been able to produce an Aide Memoire for the season 2011 / 12.

Club Unit Affiliations

The proposal of a Unit Affiliation application is suggested for inclusion in the next edition of the Army Boxing Aide Memoire, the requirement to ensure all units are taking part in the sport safely and with appropriately qualified coaches with approved equipment has made this a necessity. (A proposed form is attached)


The Army BA organised and ran 2 very successful championships this season

Army Inter Unit Novice Class A Team Championships – Winners 3 Para

Army Individual Boxing Championships

New Offices

The Army Boxing Association has moved to Fox Lines on Queens Avenue Aldershot, the move has been successful but it will mean that visitors will need to arrange appointments for visits to aid in their access to the Army Sport Control Board.

Current Issues


Coaches continue to register only for the competitions they are supporting and not for the training of their boxers, this practice leaves both boxer and coach compromised. Education of unit coaches and Boxing officers is a must to ensure all coaches register with the Army BA for the season at the earliest opportunity.

Declaration of Experience and Loss of ME3

The issue of boxers who fail to declare accurately their experience at registration and the loss of personal boxing record cards are on increasing and a firm line will be taken by the Army BA for any soldier involved in either whilst training to gain an unfair advantage.

Any loss of a ME3 without seeking to gain an advantage will incur an immediate 30 day exclusion from the date of registration.


The Army Boxing Association continues to develop, the reputation and exposure of Army Boxing is as good as it has ever been and there are a number of exciting opportunities in the offing for the season 2012 /13.

N L Pearce
Secretary Army Boxing
For Chairman



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