British Army Boxing Team

The Army Boxing Team appears at venues around the UK, boxing mainly against civilian opposition to gain the experience required to compete at the highest level. Team appearances vary from one to ten boxers, at differing weights and experience levels. The Army Boxing Team is highly regarded in the Amateur Boxing scene for being competitive, fit, determined, on weight, on time and as good ambassadors for the Army.

Meet Each Team Member

Shamim Khan Novice Class A Champion   Ashley Williams Novice Class B Champion   Adam Whitfield England Intrnational

Shamim Khan
Weight Cat: 48 kg
Unit: 27 Regt RLC
Hometown: Luton
Bouts: 14
Novice Class A Champion
Wins: 12 Losses: 2


Ashley Williams
Weight Cat: 51 kg
Unit: 2 Royal Welsh
Hometown: Swansea
Bouts: 23
Novice Class B Champion
Wins: 14 Losses: 9


Adam Whitfield
Weight Cat: 54 kg
Unit: 26 REgt RE
Hometown: Sunderland
Bouts: 55
England International
Wins: 36 Losses: 19


James Allen England International

  Shaun Dick Scottish International   Martin Stead England International

James Allen
Weight Cat: 57 kg
Unit: 11 Trg Bn REME
Hometown: St Helens
Bouts: 68
England International
Wins: 51 Losses: 17


Shaun Dick
Weight Cat: 60 kg
Unit: 5 Scots
Hometown: Paisley
Bouts: 38
Scottish International
Wins: 20 Losses: 18


Martin Stead
Weight Cat: 60 kg
Unit: 13 Air Asst Regt RLC
Hometown: Darlington
Bouts: 103
England International
Wins: 75 Losses: 28

Stevie Turner England International   Gav McGee   David Passarelli England International

Stevie Turner
Weight Cat: 67 kg
Unit: 3 UKSR
Hometown|: Bournemouth
Bouts 70
England International
Wins: 50 Losses: 20


Gav McGee
Weight Cat: 71 kg
Unit: 5 Rifles
Hometown: Spennymoor
Bouts: 46

Wins: 36 Losses: 10


David Passarelli
Weight Cat: 75 kg
Unit: 26 Regt RE
Hometown: Chesterfield
Bouts: 37
England International
Wins: 25 Losses: 12

John Pontone   Kiernan Haywood   Alex Mansfield Novice Class A Champion

John Pontone
Weight Cat: 81 kg
Unit: 1 Coldstream Gds
Hometown: Hull
Bouts: 20

Wins: 10 Losses: 10


Kiernan Haywood
Weight Cat: 86 kg
Unit: 5 Rifles
Hometown: Bristol
Bouts: 16

Wins: 11 Losses: 5


Alex Mansfield
Weight Cat: 91 kg
Unit: 1 PWRR
Hometown: London
Novice Class A Champion
Wins: 12 Losses: 0

E Izonritei England and Nigerian International   Martin Anthony British Army Team Coach    

E Izonritei
Weight Cat: 91+ kg
Unit: 4 Rifles
Hometown: London
Bouts: 43
England & Nigerian International
Wins: 33 Losses: 10

Martin Anthony RLC
Unit 10 Tpt Regt RLC
Hometown: Wales
Army Head Coach
England Advanced Coach

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